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Belly is the pairing of (B/ucket and K/elly). Bucket has a crush on Kelly and constantly tries to impress her.

Possible Pairing NamesEdit

  • Belly
  • Bully
  • Kucket
  • Keckut
  • Kelcket
  • Buckelly


Epic Girls

  • Kelly makes Bucket (GaGa) dance with her to have some fun.
  • In the end of the episode, Kelly invites Bucket to another party, then reveals that she knew that Bucket and Skinner dressed up as GaGa and Beyonce.


"Epic Jobs"

Epic Jobs

  • Bucket and Skinner install cup holders into Kelly's boat as Bucket's attempt to impress Kelly and show her what a great guy he is
  • Bucket apologizes to Kelly 18 times, and even sends for a clown to say sorry.
  • Kelly smiles at Bucket when he says Aloe lost.

Epic MusicalEdit

  • Bucket auditions for the lead role after he finds out that he gets to kiss Kelly.
  • Kelly kisses Bucket's cheek as a sign of gratitude for helping her face her fears.

Epic RockstarEdit

  • Bucket spread roses on the ground and told Kelly to tell him what's wrong.
  • Bucket turned on his song he wrote about Kelly so that his feelings could be revealed.

Epic Wingman Edit

  • Bucket called Kelly hot then covered up saying the weather was hot.
  • Bucket told Kelly that she had to get used to him dating older girls. When she asked why, he yelled out "You just have to!" meaning that he wants to date her.
  • Bucket was bragging to Kelly about his "mad lady skills".
  • Bucket tries to make Kelly jealous.


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