• Zamorin90

    Hey Guys I'm Here!

    May 22, 2013 by Zamorin90

    My Name Is Charles! I Like B&SEA! Bucket is Great, Skinner is Great, Kelly is Cute, Piper is Funny & Aloe is Strong!

    Someday I'm Going To Surf With Bucket, Skinner & Kelly!

    And Play Little Games With Piper!

    I Love This Show!

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  • ThisIsBarbii


    May 3, 2013 by ThisIsBarbii

    So, um. Hey. xD

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  • The Rex Powers

    OOOH, I am such a sexy puppet.

    What? You want the clue?

    Well, this ain't going to be easy.

    Caue I'm hard to please.

    What? Why would you think that.

    Okay, the criteria.b

    All team members must sign in by commenting.

    the same must be done for the final place. It is done by which group has completed and commented all their members first for if the comments go

    user1: Black, 2, 1/3!

    user 2: Black, 1, 2/3

    user 3: Blue, 2, 1/2!

    user 4: Blue, 1, 2/2

    user 5: Black, 3, 3/3!!!

    The blue team would win, because all their memebers have completed and signed in therr first. that is why I said that smaller teams could have advantages too ;)

    The last page is about a man mentioned three times on iCarly and is on the best show in the world. He has his own page. Comment ther…

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  • Kate Ray91899


    July 20, 2011 by Kate Ray91899

    Welcome to the Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures Wiki!

    Feel free to edit so everyone will find out about this wiki!

    Also, you can make the pairing pages if you like.

    I am an administrator here :).

    Good luck!

    Kate (talk ) 06:33, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

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