Gender Male
Age 19
Nationality American
Born June 8,
Friends and Family
Skinner , Kelly Peckinpaw
Love interests
Kelly Peckinpaw
Bucket (portrayed by Taylor Gray) is one of two main characters of the new Nickeloden show Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures.

Bucket is a freshman in high school who spends his days working at the local Surf Shop with his best friend, Skinner, and catching waves. He also has a crush on Kelly Peckinpaw.


Bucket is a nice, cool and laid-back guy. He's always there for his friends. Bucket can sometimes be a little shy but he can be persistent as to following his dreams. He is described as a goofy and silly guy, but he can be quite serious if needed. He looks like a cross between Drake from Drake and Josh and Ned from Ned's Declassified. Bucket can also be classified as "awkward" in Epic Copycat

Relationships with other charactersEdit


(Best Friend)

Bucket and Skinner are best friends.

Piper Peckinpaw Edit


Piper's relationship with Bucket is not what you would call a stable one. They hate each other deeply. They rejects each other's existence and is disgusted by the very thought of them continuing to live. Piper is even willing to end Buckets' life by her own hands whenever the opportunity presents itself. Like this one time, when Buckets was going to go out surfing and Piper had replaced his original surfboard with a defective one. Once he got on a wave, the board was totaled and he was almost devoured by a shark, and you know what Piper did? She was sitting on a folding chair, eating popcorn, and laughing the whole time.

Piper also enjoys straight-up bullying Buckets. In fact, it is one of her hobbies. She always humiliates, ridicules, mocks, and torment him whenever he is around.

Aloe Edit


Aloe became bullying Bucket when Bucket broke his board when he was 3.



Bucket and Kelly met eachother at school and became friends, but Bucket also has a crush on her.

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