Epic Cuffs.

Epic Cuffs

On this episode, Kelly has to meet Blake's parents for the second time. The first time she met them, she ruined it by, uintentually ripping the tablecloth off of the table. Later, Bucket sees a poster for a talent show. The talent show prize is a jet-ski. When they later have to find a new talent, Skinner ends up getting Bucket and himself handcuffed to Kelly. When Kelly goes to Blake's house, she hides the guys under a large dress-like thing and claims to be making a meal from some foreign country. Chaos happens and eventually, it is discovered that the guys are there. Also, Piper is set to work with Aloe and Sven for an assignment where, they have to create a toy. Aloe's idea is a "Aloe Doll." Piper changes Aloe's doll to appeal to the children which, Aloe does not like. Sven's idea is tounge depressors that are colored to look like different people.

Trivia Edit

Bucket calls himself a "chocolate-haired slice of beef cake."Edit

Bucket stands up for Kelly and her relationship with Blake, even though he likes Kelly himself.Edit