Epic Dates
Season 1, Episode 13
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First Aired October 7, 2011
Production Code 111
Writer(s) May Chan & Elliott Owen
Director(s) Trevor Kirschner
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"Epic Takeover"
"Epic Christmas"

The boys are feeling down since Skinner has an ear infection preventing him from surfing, and Bucket is sad that Blake and Kelly have a great relationship. Too get their minds off their troubles the guys have to get dates. Then they both meet a girl they like, but the guys realized they are dating the same girl C.J. (Samantha Boscarino). Since neither of them want to give up their dates the boys decide to hold a date-off and see which guy the girl picks.But learning they are twins they said that they were weird.As they said they gonna re-try they found another twin couple but Skinner messed up.



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