Epic Escape
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired July 30, 2011
Production Code 108
Writer(s) Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons
Director(s) Leonard R. Garner Jr.
Viewed By: 2.3
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"Epic Rockstar"
"Epic Wingman"

Epic Escape is the eighth episode of Season 1.


Skinner gets detention on a major surfing day, and Bucket tries to get detention also, only to get thanked every time. Kelly accidentally trips and rips a teacher's vest, getting her detention. Bucket gets detention, but with the nasty nurse supervising, they have to get out. Meanwhile, Aloe gets hit on the head with a surfboard and thinks that he is Sven's assistant so Sven decides to boss him around for a while, until he gets hit with another surfboard. And Piper tries to get a legitimate excuse for gum class, but after being scared by the nurse, she loses her street cred and must find a way to get it back.She got it back by destroying the detention.Kelly met the person that she reported and then in the end she ate a fish burito which she was allergic.In the end surfing was their main option.Bucket lost his shorts and didn't go out of the water.In the end they eat tacos and the guys that saw Piper running thought that she won her by freeing the others.



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