Epic First Adventures is a TV special that was created to promote the "Bucket & Skinner's Great Adventure" film came out, August 1, 1998.


Becky is nervous about her first day of school. So, Bucket and Skinner shows her other adventures and that teaches her that new adventures are fun! Features cilps from the Bucket & Skinner's Great Adventure film from theatres.


  • Terri Garr
  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Captain Kangaroo
  • Margo McKnight

Song ListEdit

  1. Let's Go to the Theatre
  2. We are Going Shopping
  3. Don't Be Kidding Aloe and Sven
  4. Bucket and Skinner's Theme Song (Extended Version)


  1. Nickelodeon Logo
  2. PolyGram Video Logo
  3. Epic Election / Epic Christmas Trailer
  4. Bucket & Skinner's Great Adventure Trailer
  5. Big Time Movie Theatrical Trailer
  6. Greber Guarduates from Toddlers Commercial (2000)
  7. Universal Orlando Resort Commercial (2005)
  8. Come on Over to Bucket & Skinner's House Trailer (2000)
  9. The Bucket & Skinner Boogie Music Video
  10. The Land of Make-Believe, Let's Go to the Fair Bonus Episode Feature
  11. Nickeldeon... a helping hand for growing children Promo
  12. True Jackson, VP: the Movie Trailer
  13. Nickeldeon Logo (1998-2000-2013)
  14. Flakes CD Commercial (Candian)
  15. PolyGram Television 1998 Logo
  16. Epic's First Adventures intro