Epic Flashback is an episode where Skinner flashbacks to an incident in the fourth grade

Quotes Edit

  • Aloe: What did you make for the science project Skinner for brains
  • Skinner: It's our project, the tickle table!
  • Aloe: A tickle table. Why!
  • Skinner: It's seems funny (laughs)
  • Aloe: What are the plastic hands for
  • Skinner: They hold your arms down
  • Aloe: Are these my feather dusters I use for cleaning my tank tops
  • Skinner: Yeah! They tickle you
  • Aloe: Okay then you get on
  • Skinner: I'm too tall you have to get on
  • Aloe: Okay fine, but I don't want to be on long I have muscles to grow
  • Skinner: OKay
  • (straps him in)
  • Skinner: This is the remote that controls the power i'll turn it on
  • Aloe: What;s powering this?
  • Skinner: A nuclear generator
  • Aloe: Oh no
  • Skinner: Prepare (turns on the machine)
  • Aloe: Ha! This doesn't tickle Aloe
  • Skinner: Oops. Forgot to activate the turners
  • Aloe: (starts laughing)
  • Skinner: Does it tickle?
  • Aloe: Yes please (laughing) turn it off
  • Skinner: I don't know how this button only turns it on
  • Aloe: (laughing)
  • Skinner: I'll be right back, I need the teacher
  • Aloe: (laughing) Hurry up
  • (Machine powers on faster)
  • Aloe: (laughing harder) (Wets his pants)
  • (Machine powers off)