Epic Girls
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired July 1, 2011
Production Code 102
Writer(s) Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin
Director(s) Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
Episode Guide
"Epic Election"
"Epic Jobs"
Bucket and Skinner sneak into Aloe's party disguised as girls named Beyoncé (Skinner) and Gaga (Bucket) but they forget to bring a change of clothes and Sven takes a liking to Beyoncé. So they try to get into Aloe's room to get clothes. Meanwhile, Piper tries to expose the surf shop's supplier who is selling Three Pieces faulty merchandise.In the end Bucket and Skinner get out of the party. Skinner destroyed Aloe's cake which distracted them.Skinner's shoe fell in the way to the exit.Piper did the ghost to the supplier and she said the truth.

Trivia Edit

  • Bucket's dream is getting Kelly to fall in love with him while Aloe humiliates himself
  • Skinner's dream is tickling a leprachaun
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