Kelly Peckinpaw
Kelly is the school’s brains and beauty
Gender Female
Age 19
Born February 19th,
Friends and Family
Piper Peckinpaw
Love interests
Kelly Peckn'paw is one of the main characters of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures. Kelly is a junior in school.

Kelly is portrayed by Ashley Argota.


Kelly works in Three Pieces's surf shop. She is very popular but kind and caring. Also if you squint hard, like really hard, enough she looks like that girl from iCarly.


Piper Peckinpaw Edit


Piper is Kelly's little sister. They have typical sibling relationship, as they sometimes fight amongst each other.

Piper is actually better than Kelly in every way. Anything Kelly can do, Piper can do WAY better. Kelly may be a model human being compared to most girls, but when being compared to Piper, it's no contest. Kelly tries her best to hide it, but she secretly insecure about being in her little sister's shadow.

Piper has also become a source of jealousy for Kelly, and Kelly tries to surpass Piper however she can. Piper uses her superiority and Kelly's insecurities to manipulate and bend Kelly to er will And so, Piper often uses her sister as a scpaegoat whenever one of Piper's antics goes awry.

Piper may be ashamed of her older sister, she still loves Kelly. Thus, they will sometimes work together to achieve their mutual goals, and they actually work pretty well together. So even if they argue, the two are still sisters.

Bucket Edit

(Good Friend; Possible Crush)

Bucket and Kelly are good friends. In Epic Election, she pretended to be his girlfriend so Bucket wouldn't have bleu cheese poured over him.

Skinner Edit


Skinner and Kelly are on good terms.

Aloe Edit

Although Kelly thought that Aloe was weird in Epic Jobs because of his O.C.D, she is frequently impressed by the things he buys with his father's credit card.

Photo GalleryEdit

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